At Jason Warren Racing Stables, we understand that providing the right environment, facilities and individual care and attention is paramount to your horse's development.

Our stables provide the following services:

  • Race Horse Training (inc. Viewing hut with cameras around our track, and the use of 5 tracks at Mornington race course)
  • Pre-Training
  • Breaking-In
  • Tried horses
  • Spelling (46 post and rail 2 acre spelling paddocks)
  • Selection, vetting and purchase of horses at sales for clients
  • Barrier Education
  • Frequent, informative and inclusive owner communications
    • Weekly progress reports via e-mail
    • Pre race reports via e-mail
    • Post race reports via e-mail
    • Stable News
    • Facebook (images from the stables, training and race days, status updates and news, press links etc.)
    • Twitter
    • Face to face liaison on race days
    • Full-time racing manager

Please come and have a look around !!!!!

Schedule of Fees

  • Pre-Training $87 + GST
  • Full Training $95 + GST
  • Spelling $26 + GST
  • Please note: These costs do not include nomination (major races only)/acceptance/scratching fees, vet fees and costs of medication, blood testing, chiropractic, acupuncture, course proper gallops at Mornington, race day transport and strapper fees, etc.
  • As is standard in the industry, 85% of stakes won is distributed to the owners, 10% to the trainer, and 5% to the jockey.
  • These fees are subject to change over time as the cost of supplies, maintenance of our facilities, and our team make up (labor costs) may change.

Horse are generally spelled for 6 - 12 weeks at a time, then have 4-5 weeks of pre-training, and (if ready) move onto full training. How long they stay 'up' each preparation, and in the case of young horses if they make it to the races - is dependent on many factors but especially the physical and mental maturity of the horse, and his/her soundness.